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Reading might be of advantage :) But I won't promise anything on that xDD

Here's a list of things I'd like to cover in this journal:
1. Status feed
2. Soul's Journey aka "the comic"
3. Kyu

1. Status feeds
I know many people are simply not looking at them which implies they're also not using them. I've read through the first 4 pages of comments of the news concerning the new site layout, so I can guess that status updates are not exactly wanted by quite a lot of users. While I can see the potential abuse of them as a Facebook copy, I think they're something we can live with. (Especially after unwatching the collections!)

I personally will use them for "comic purposes" such as updates on how far I'm with the current pages/chapters and when I post new pages. There won't be any personal crap from me  and everything I consider important will still be brought to you by journal. Also because it's easier to find again at a later date.

2. Soul's Journey aka "the comic"
This project has long been a mystery to most of you. Those who started watching me during the last two years probably never got in touch with this project. Time to give you some history lessons!
Back in 2009, when I was a whiny teen instead of a whiny adult, I first started working on this project, but I lacked skill, motivation and a good consistent story to go with. So it was paused and eventually quit. But the idea never really left me. So I started reworking it and it hopefully gained substance in the areas it lacked something and others. I'm currently preparing the first chapter, so I can start publishing it on 01/01/2015 and keep up an updating schedule of one page a week.

Another thing is that I'm not sure if I'll submit the whole comic to dA. Reading comics here is not exactly a joy since the site is lacking some sort of comic tool. I know there's the motion book option, but let's be honest how many people are using that to read comics?
I've been preparing a website (hosted by Smack Jeeves because I'm no webdesign talent), which only needs a few touch ups and can then be considered as finished. I'll definitely post the whole comic there for free! This is a project I pursue as a hobby, not to make money of it.

The options I considered for dA:
- posting the pages without word balloons and give a link to the website
- posting panel previews with a link to the website
- posting the first 8 or so pages on dA and then only continue on the website
Any input on those? Which would you prefer or do you have other ideas? Seriously I'm open to suggestions.

On this occassion I wanted to thank Snaphance93 , ladyarrowsmith  and TheMetasepia for their help so far with this project!

3. Kyu
Although she seems to be neglected most of the time I still have my fursona Kyu. She's sort of going through a major change these days. Also I don't think I further call her "fursona". It just sounds a bit childish. She's more of an online representative of mine. And if you haven't noticed yet, she's gone evil!
OBEY MY WORD... by Kyulein93

In case you wondered: yes this third point was only taking into the journal so I could call the list above a list! :P

Anyway don't forget to leave your opinion on my plans with the comic on dA! You'll even get an imaginery cookie for it!


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The Kyu-effect
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey there!

This is Kyu, a 20-year-old self-taught artist.
I enjoy drawing animals, though I mostly do canines, felines and equines. Another thing I love to do is story writing and drawing. Comics and books are something that belong to my life, fantasy doesn't have any borders, other than the real world, that's why they are so fascinating to me.

Whenever I do something creative I either listen to music or have a movie playing in the background. This helps me to concentrate on certain things.

You'll find more digital work in my gallery than traditional art. This simply is a result of the love between my Bamboo graphic tablet and Photoshop. Of course their relatives patience and practise are involved, too.

I guess that's everything now, at least I don't know what else I should say.


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